The Girl. The Boy. The Story

Mood board for my story about a girl, and other things I like.

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nothing but the sky beyond.

How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon From the slow opening curtains of the clouds Walking in beauty to her midnight throne!" ~George Croly, Diana
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Goetz Palace

The palace and park Goetz Okocimskich is located very close to the brewery Okocimski, founded in 1845 by a German who came to John the Evangelist Goetz (1815-1893). It was built in 1898 by his son John Albin Goetz Okocimski (1864-1931).

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make me a bird, I’ll fly away…


shot in @sapphiremomma ‘s front yard. 💂


Festival Mundial - Tilburg, Netherlands 2014

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